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Acrylic Pouring Supplies

Acrylic Paint Pouring is a fluid painting technique used to create art by pouring acrylic paint. 
We have put together everything a selection of our favourite acrylic pouring supplies to start you on your journey of Acrylic Paint Pouring.

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Featured Products

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint - Light Green


Self-Adhesive Cork Squares Backing Coaster Pack of 24 or 48


Coaster Blanks - Hexagonal


Mont Marte Acrylic Paint - Old Mauve


NEW! - Large Silicone Stir Stick - Red


Mont Marte Silicone Oil for Acrylic Pouring 60ml


Mont Marte Acrylic Paint - Silver


Mont Marte Acrylic Paint - Viridian


Silicone Stir Sticks Flat Rounded End Blue/Pink


What is Floetrol?

Floetrol; The magic ingredient for producing the bloom technique

Stain Conditioner Keeps Paint Flowing 1L

The drying time of water-based paint or stain depends on the weather. In hot, windy or humid conditions paint dries too fast resulting in brush and lap marks. Water evaporates and increases chalking. Floetrol will reinforce the paint and make acrylics behave like oil based paint.

When added to paint, Floetrol gives a longer wet edge, increased coverage, extended spray gun life, easier flow and improved hiding. Floetrol maintains paint quality and does not evaporate.